INTRODUCING: A mandatory mini-course for the serious Google Ads Marketer 
Essential AdWords Crash Course
  • Keywords: The Foundation of a Solid AdWords Campaign
  •  AdWords Settings: The Art of Targeting Your Ideal Customer
  •  AdWords Ads: The First Step In Making A Sale
  •  Conversions: The #1 Goal For Your AdWords Campaigns
Keywords: The Foundation of a Solid AdWords Campaign
  •  Why your keyword list is the most important part of your AdWords campaign. (1:31)
  •  The two simple questions you can answer to help you choose the best keywords to target. (3:32)
  •  Keyword research tools that will help you create your keyword list without missing anything crucial. (9:43) 
  •  The four keyword match types and why they matter when setting up your keyword list. (12:23) 
  •  Why weird search terms might trigger your ads, even if you are only using exact match keywords. (13:10) 
  •  The keyword format you should NEVER use (even though Google tries to force it on you). (19:55) 
  •  How to organize your keywords inside your campaign so Google rewards you with a lower average cost per click. (21:44)
  •  The three negative keyword match types, and how each one works. (27:41) 
  •  The type of negative keyword you should use most often if you want to prevent irrelevant and accidental clicks on your ads. (30:50) 
  •  Three surefire methods for finding hordes of cost-saving negative keywords, before and after you start your campaign. (32:12)
  •  BONUS: Top 1,000 Negative Keyword List Download ($19 value) 
AdWords Settings: The Art of Targeting Your Ideal Customer
  •  Which campaign option you should never choose when setting up a new campaign. (4:10)
  •  The “Search Partner” network…what it is, which websites are part of it, and when you should (and shouldn’t) include it in your campaigns. (6:07)
  •  Advanced location targeting strategies to help you focus on the highest quality traffic available for your business. (09:19)
  •  How to prevent your ad from getting clicked by people on the other side of the world (this is more common than most people realize). (12:09) 
  •  Two ways to avoid overpaying for traffic during slow times of the day, without turning your ads off completely. (16:49) 
  •  How to adjust your mobile vs. computer bids based on your target cost per conversion. (22:15) 
  •  Why your bid adjustments will never be PERFECT, and why that doesn’t matter when optimizing your campaigns. (24:54) 
  •  How to decide if gender and age should be considered in your campaign targeting. (26:28) 
  •  The targeting option you should sometimes bid +100% (or more) for, and why this can still be profitable. (31:21) 
  •  What “Dynamic Search Ads” are, and why you should avoid them. (36:06)
  •  How to adjust your keyword settings if you’re not getting as much traffic as you want (and why you shouldn’t always do this). (38:15) 
AdWords Ads: The First Step In Making A Sale
  •  How important ads REALLY are in the selling process. (2:35)
  •  Who has a better ad for the iPhone X...Apple or Best Buy? (7:01)
  •  Real examples of good and bad ads from small businesses. (9:54 & 36:15) 
  •  Why most businesses waste space in their ads, and how you can avoid this common mistake. (12:02) 
  •  What you should NEVER put in your ads. (13:20)
  •  How using different location name variations in your ads can help or hurt you. (16:30) 
  •  What to include in your ads to attract clicks from customers...people with actual money who are ready to pay you. (23:27)
  •  How to get ad text ideas from your customers (and even from your competitors’ customers). (25:55) 
  •  How to make your ad stand out when your competitors are selling the same thing. (30:11) 
  •  What a 116-year-old ad campaign for a beer company can teach you about AdWords. (33:10) 
  •  How scheduling certain ad extensions for different days of the week can increase the relevance of your ads. (39:17) 
  •  When it’s okay to use your company name in the headline of your ad, and why most companies should never do it. (40:51) 
  •  Two possible reasons to include the price of your product in your ads. (44:53) 
  •  Why I don’t ever use call-only ads, and why you shouldn’t either. (46:32)
  •  Targeting competitor keywords with your ads…what you need to know. (49:50)
  •  BONUS: "The Big Book of AdWords Ads" (PDF) 168 pages...nothing but AdWords ads. 42 different industries, with multiple pages of ads from each. ($99 Value) 
Conversions: The #1 Goal For Your AdWords Campaigns
  •  Foolproof ways to set up and define your conversions so you get the best data possible. (2:12)
  •  How to identify the REAL value of your conversions so you’re not chasing the wrong results. (6:29)
  •  The little button most advertisers need to change in their AdWords account – ignore this setting and your conversion data could be useless. (13:49) 
  •  The most common ways businesses mess up and let leads slip through their fingers, and how to avoid these mistakes in your business. (18:23)
  •  The "Reverse-Sell" question that will get your prospects to do the job of salesman for you (and sell themselves on hiring you). (25:24)
  •  A sales strategy used by McDonald's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut to increase their average conversion value, and how you can use it in your business. (29:55) 
  •  How to make sure people who are just "shopping around" end up coming back to YOU. (32:01) 
  •  The big, medium, and small levers inside your AdWords account – when (and how hard) to pull them when optimizing your campaigns. (33:34)
  •  The formula I use to get rid of keywords that aren’t producing conversions, while making sure I don’t remove any profitable keywords too early. (44:00) 
  •  Why taking simple small steps is crucial when optimizing for conversions, and when to know if a big step is necessary. (47:51) 
  •  How to optimize your AdWords campaigns for profit, even if it means paying more per conversion. (49:02) 
  •  And much, much more!
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Maybe you've read my book, Essential AdWords. Maybe you've seen my ads. Maybe you're in my Google Ads Strategy group on Facebook. Whatever the're here because you know that the RIGHT AdWords information and strategies can put you miles ahead of everyone else.

My first experience with AdWords (now called Google Ads) was running a campaign for my own business - a junk removal company. This is when I started to learn AdWords through the school of hard knocks. I wasted thousands of dollars (money I didn't have to waste) trying to "figure it out" on my own. 

I had no mentors, no support system, no online training courses...just a couple books, and a good amount of sheer determination. I needed more customers for my business before I blew through all the money I had saved up while working in corporate America.

Well...I did "figure it out" and ran two profitable junk removal companies for a while. It was dirty work, and it was fun at times, but I also figured out it wasn't for me. The marketing world was calling my name.

I loved learning about marketing, I loved experimenting with marketing, I loved seeing the results of good marketing. 

AdWords turned out to be a good fit for me. It combined writing, persuasion, data, numbers, human behavior, and direct response advertising. It allowed me to apply all my life experiences and to take everything I had learned running campaigns for my own business...and to start helping other business owners.

Fast forward four years...

Currently, I manage AdWords campaigns for clients in every industry imaginable...real estate, dentistry, law, family counseling, home remodeling, mold cleaning, finance, education, etc.. I'm even involved in industries I didn't know much about until the clients approached me...things like artificial grass, permanent makeup, and hybrid car batteries. If people are searching for a product or service, I can use AdWords to help my clients sell it.

As the admin of the most active AdWords discussion group on Facebook, I moderate hundreds of questions about AdWords every month. This puts me in a unique position (with my finger on the pulse) to see what people are struggling with, discover where the opportunities are, and learn about some of the bad information people are being fed on a daily basis.

Help is here. In the Essential AdWords Crash Course, you'll get some of my very best information. Each part of the training starts with the basics, and gets into some more advanced stuff that nobody else is teaching. No matter how experienced you are with AdWords, you will be blown away by this training. I guarantee it, or I'll give you your $97 back.

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