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7 Modules with 50+ video lessons - $997 value
The Entire AFLB Course + Future Lessons...
80/20 Fast Track Roadmap - $100 value
Your guide to the most important lessons in the course, so you can start running ads today...
Private Student Group - $500 value
Get personal help from me and other students to help you at every step along the way...
44-Point Account Audit Spreadsheet - $250 value
The fastest and most comprehensive way to check campaigns for errors and opportunities...
"The Big Book Of AdWords Ads" - $100 value
The ultimate AdWords swipe file. Get ideas from hundreds of ads across 29 different industries...
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Bonus #1 - 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Kyle!

We're going to cover a lot of ground in this 50 minute session. We can have a phone call, a video call, or a screenshare call where I will give you instant live feedback on your campaigns!  $400 value
Bonus #2 - Personalized Course Lesson!
When you buy the course before Sunday, you will also become part of the course! I will be making a lesson for the course just for you! This lesson can be on keyword research, negative keyword research, creating ads, creating ad extensions, or campaign optimization. $400 value
Bonus #3 - Conversion Tracking Setup!
To make sure your campaign is tracking conversions from the start, my team will set up conversion tracking on your website for you! This will include website call tracking conversions, contact/form conversions, email conversions, and chat box conversions. Please note, not all web building platforms will allow us to install the codes necessary for tracking (the main platform that doesn't work is Wix). $150 value

30 Day Action-Taker Guarantee

If you DO THE WORK and “AdWords For Local Businesses” doesn't help you get more quality leads for your business and increase your sales then contact me and I'll refund your money. 
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