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Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.
What is your name?
What is your email address?
What is your website address?
What is your monthly ad budget? Are you open to changing this if it will result in more overall profit?
What is your ideal cost to acquire a customer, and/or cost per lead? Do you know your average cost per customer for any other types of advertising you do?
What is your average profit per customer/sale? (Before calculating advertising expenses.) NOTE: Please answer this separately for each type of product or service you offer. If you don’t know the exact figure, please provide your best estimate. 
If your service attracts repeat or ongoing customers, what is the average lifetime customer value?
Are you currently using Google/YouTube Ads? Briefly describe the current status/performance of your current campaigns.
What other types of marketing are you already doing? What is working best and how does it compare to your Google Ads campaigns?
What results would you like to see from a Google/Youtube Ads campaign in order to be happy and consider it successful?
What else should I know about you or your business?
You will receive a confirmation email and I will follow up after reviewing your application.
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