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Get a fully managed Google Ads campaign with GUARANTEED RESULTS so you can grow your business and focus on your own superpower.
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Are you trying to make a profit with Google Ads, but not sure if you’re targeting the best keywords or the right audience?'re profiting from Google Ads already, but you know you can do better and you’re trying to optimize to take your business to the next level?

Do you want to get more conversions without wasting heaps of time and money experimenting with useless strategies?

Would you like to increase your ROI, but you’re getting stonewalled by "Google Ads complexity" and struggling to put a proper campaign together?

Are you confused and scared that you’ll do something wrong…you get halfway through and then don’t know what to do next?

Not sure if your ads are done right, and afraid of losing all your money and not getting any leads or sales?

Have you been burned by a cheap Google Ads "professional" in the past and not sure if you can trust someone else?
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If you're already using Google Ads, I'll take a look to see how your campaigns are doing - what your results have been, and what kinds of opportunities there are for improvement. I'll also talk to you about what your goals are for the campaign. 

Based on this information, I'll determine a result I can GUARANTEE or you won't pay me a thing. Since every campaign is different, every guarantee is different...fill out the Free Assessment form to see what your guaranteed result will be.

PLUS, if I don't think I can help you reach your goals, I won't take you on as a client to begin with. I'm only looking for win-win relationships. 

This gives you enormous upside potential with nothing to lose.

It's that simple.
Some Actual Guarantees I've Made Recently...
(I stripped out the numbers because these are different for everyone.)
EXAMPLE 1: "You're currently paying an average of $## per lead. I believe I can significantly improve this so you will be paying less than $## per lead within one month (average will be calculated using the last two weeks of the month). These savings will more than pay for my monthly service charge of $#### while allowing you to get more leads and customers than you're currently getting on your own. If the average of $## per lead is not reached by the end of the first month, I will refund the entire $#### you paid me."

: "I can't offer a lead cost guarantee since you don't have an existing campaign I can look at. Leads in your industry usually cost between $##-$### in ad spend each.  
However, if you want to test-drive my services, I would set up and manage the campaign for free for the first # leads. You just pay Google for your ads, and I won't start billing you until after you receive your # lead (phone calls and/or form submits). If you don't want to continue, I just shut off the campaign and you never pay me a thing."

EXAMPLE 3: "Here are the results I can guarantee for you for the first 30 days: ### leads at an average cost of $## per lead. So your total investment will be $####My fee of $#### per month is built into this. So here's how it would look...$#### paid to Google as the payment thresholds are reached, and $#### paid to me at the beginning of each month of services. Here's how my guarantee will work: If you don't receive the guaranteed number of leads in the first month, I will manage the campaign for a second month for free. If you again don't receive the guaranteed number of leads in the second month, I will refund the full $#### you paid me."

 What Is Your Pricing?
Honestly, this is the wrong question to be asking. If you're looking to hire a Google Ads manager based on how little you'll need to pay them, you've come to the wrong place. 

If you needed brain surgery to save your life, would you seek out the best surgeon you could find? Someone who has performed hundreds of successful surgeries? Would you travel anywhere and pay this surgeon as much as necessary to ensure the best results possible?

Or...would you settle for a discount doctor who thinks he might be able to save you?

Yes, I'm comparing myself to a brain surgeon. What I do isn't life or death, but I take pride in my craft.

A Google Ads campaign in the wrong hands can be risky and even devastating - costing you way more than you might save by picking someone out of the bargain bin.

My pricing is going to be based on several factors. I'll determine your investment for your specific campaign at the same time I offer you your guarantee. It will be win-win or we both walk away.
 Here's What A Few Clients Are Saying...
Here Are Some Client Results...
$25 average cost per call for a dentist (new patient exam inquiries)...
$500,000 in revenue for a roofing company...
322 calls (and 295 contact form requests) in six months for a landscaping business... 
3x better results for an online service business with a $19.95/mo product...
Crushing a $30-per-conversion goal...
1,799 leads for a specialty attorney at $9.27 per lead (in less than 6 months)...
$22.25 AUD ($16.62 USD) per lead for a high-end massage studio...
It's Up To You...
Do you want to get a fully managed Google Ads campaign with GUARANTEED RESULTS so you can grow your business and focus on your own superpower?
Fill out the Free Assessment form and let's talk.

Kyle Sulerud, founder of AdLeg

Hi, my name is Kyle. If you're reading this, you probably already know something about me. I love marketing and specialize in Google Ads (formerly AdWords). I'm the author of the top-selling book Essential AdWords: The Quick & Dirty Guide. I've trained hundreds of business owners and marketing professionals through my programs, including Essential AdWords Crash Course, AdWords For Local Businesses, Elite Local Ads, and Elite Conversion Optimization

I have clients who have been with me for several years because they consistently see positive results from their Google Ads campaigns. This is what I'm looking for...long term relationships with badass clients. If that's what you're looking for too, this could be the start of something great. Fill out the Free Assessment form and I'll see if I can help you. If so, I'll send you a plan with guaranteed results. If you like what you see, we can move forward. If not, we'll go our separate ways.
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